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Next Meeting


The next meeting of the Seddon Community Group will be held on Thursday the 8th of September at the Seddon Uniting Church on Gammon St at 7pm. We skipped our meeting in August due to low attendance with most people away for the cold winter months but we will be back at it in September with lots to talk about. Issues ranging from the festival to the western distributer will be of particular interest for residents so if you are interested in coming down feel free!

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Seddon Festival Update


Ordinarily, we would be well underway in planning for the 2017 Seddon Festival, however, this year there has been a delay in confirmation of funding from the council and so plans are on hold until we receive this confirmation. This year’s festival was our biggest yet with an increased festival footprint and more local stores and restaurants than ever coming out onto the street for the biggest day in Seddon. We have no doubt that funding confirmation will come through in the next few weeks after which we will form our committee and begin planning for the 2017 Seddon Festival. If you have any questions or would like to help out please visit the Seddon Festival Website.

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Snapshots of Seddon


Congratulations to all the winners from this year’s Snapshots of Seddon Photography competition. This year we opened up to online submissions and had an overwhelming response from the community with over 200 entries received! All entries were displayed in shops and cafes throughout Seddon for 3 weeks before the judges made their decisions and the people voted for the “people’s choice” award. We were really pleased with everyone’s entries and the support from the community for bringing back this competition. To find out more and view the winners head to the Snapshots of Seddon Website.

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Western Distributer


With the Western Distributers plans now underway residents and traders alike are concerns about the impacts on Seddon and surround suburbs. We have had guest speakers attend our meetings to keep visitors across the changes and the issues facing our suburb. If you would like to hear about this major infrastructure project please contact us.

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